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At Solo Sails we are always trying to keep one step ahead of the game, not only in terms of how we think, but also by utilizing the very latest in design and analysis software.

Presently, we are carrying out trials with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software in collaboration with the Australian company ODS Engineering.

The following images are some of the study results we have been achieving with this cutting edge software. The results we are getting now help us to understand and maximize how our sails perform on the water.

Click on thumbnails for a higher res image.

Study of turbulent flow around spreadersStudy of turbulence and drag from spreaders and rigging
Arial CFD study of a Mini TransatGeneral Velocity study around a Mini Transat in upwind mode
Foot Vortex StudyStudy of vortex around the foot of a mainsail
Aerial View of Mini Transat upwind studyArial view of General velocity study
Study of turbulence caused by mast and shroudsTurbulent flow around rig
General Velocity studyGeneral flow velocity study of Mini Transat
Upwind CFD Study rendered in 3D animation
Animated Tip Vortex study of a Mini Transat 6,50 square headed mainsail
Mainsail tip vortex study – alternative animation
Downwind turbulent LES CFD study of Asymetric Reaching sail
CFD turbulent flow around Asymetric Kite
CFD Streamlines showing general turbulent vortex found around a spinnakerInteractive 3D model of a mini transat with upwind CFD simulation. (Currently only works in good web browsers such as Google Chrome)



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