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SailDesigner The Sailmaker's ForumWe are pleased to have been involved in the development of a new global forum and trading centre specifically designed for the sailmaking industry called SailDesigner.net which is about to be launched this week at the METS 2014 trade show in Holland.

The new SailDesigner website aims to strengthen and improve the sailmaking industry by connecting the massive global network of sailmaking industry partners, including both the makers and the suppliers.

Sailmaking has changed dramatically over the last 20 years in terms of design and manufacturing methods, and it is now more important than ever before for the modern sailmaker to keep abreast of new technological developments in terms of design, analysis and manufacturing techniques.

The SailDesigner website provides an industry news platform, as well as a forum and social networking centre, where users can learn about, discuss and improve on new technology as it emerges.

There are also plans to make available a public forum where the general sailing public can ask a panel of experts questions about sail design, materials or trimming techniques etc … (Watch this space, you heard it hear first!)

Another unique feature of the SailDesigner website is a new eCommerce section where members can buy and sell CAD files, machinery, consultancy time etc, as well as provide a place for the manufacturers to offer end of stock discounts, or materials etc.

All in all, the focus of the site is on bringing together the global community of sailmaking industry specialists in order to strengthen the sector, create better sails at more affordable prices through the strength of global communication and cooperation.


One Response to New Sailmakers Forum and eCommerce website

  1. The SailDesigner website has just added the ability for non industry users/members to be able to post questions in the forum to a global source of professional Sailmakers

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