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Karver KF10 Furler

£7,570.38 £6,510.53

Karver KF10 Furler

Ultimate Code Zero furler for cruising or racing yachts

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  • FURLING DRUM: Karver’s furlers have a notched self locking wheel to make the continuous line smoothly grip the wheel. The mechanism is made of V-shaped, angle less grooves to avoid the wear on the rope while assuring an optimum movement even when the rope is not under load. This wheel is protected in an elastic plastic spool. This system is safer than any other: after a shock the spool takes it’s shape back and will not restrict the wheel rotation. This feature is exclusive to plastic spooled furlers, a metallic spool would simply distort, deform the furler and dramatically reduce rotation, possibly even jamming.
  • UPPER SWIVEL: The loads applied to a furler are particularly high on the swivel. Karver utilises high resistance stainless steel ball bearings to ensure smooth rotation under the most extreme loads.


K.F. furlers have a notch on the spool allowing fitting or removal of the loop line without removing the line cover or removing the furler from the yacht., this has the following advantages

  • Eliminates the need to remove the cover & avoids the risk of loosing small parts (screws, pins…),
  • Keeps the mechanism closer to the deck by avoiding the necessary displacement required for removable covers,
  • The loop line is simply & quickly engaged or removed from the spool through the notch.
  • Increases available luff length by minimising the height of the spool & tack fitting.


Working Load (Kg) Weight (g) Drum diameter (mm) Height (mm)
drum & swivel
10000 3087 212 198


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