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Karver KJH Sheet Handle

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The Karver KJH line handle makes sheet trimming kind on your hands, Now your hands can feel soft as your face!

It even comes in pink for the ladies (or sensitive sailor boys).

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The KJH “Handle Jaws” is the ideal way to tension a line without hurting your hands.

The strength of new high modulus ropes tends to reduce line diamaters – this compromises comfort and efficiency when trimming. The Karver “Handle Jaws” enables you to hold a line that is under load much easier than by hand alone, to release the jasw simply twist your wrist.

Applications include

  • Spinnaker trimming on dinghies or sportsboats
  • Mainsheet trimming in dinghies or sportsboats
  • Control lines on larger yachts
  • Flying cam cleat

Karver KJH specification:

Working Load (Kg) Breaking Load (Kg) Weight (g)  dimensions (mm)
110 220 111 110x35x40


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