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Tylaska Ferrules (Round Thimbles)


Tylaska Round Ferrules can be used for Barber Haulers, In and Out ‘twatters’, cascade purchases etc.

They are light and simple.

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Lighter and smaller than a conventional pulley block, ferrules have become a popular alternative for many applications here traditional blocks once ruled. Instead of rolling on a pulley sheave, the active line with a ferrule merely slides on the inside smooth surface of the ring.

Another line is spliced around the ferrule for attaching it. This attachment line is sometimes made as a loop that is luggage tagged onto a pad-eye or the toe rail. Frictional losses are not as big as one might think, especially when using low friction line such as Dyneema.

In addition to being lighter and less expensive than conventional blocks, ring ferrules are also less prone to failure since there are no pulleys to crack or bearings to foul.

Part no. Description Hole ID (mm) Max Rope (mm) SWL (kg)
FR3 FR3 FERRULE 4.8 3 160
FR4 FR4 FERRULE 6.4 4 275
FR5 FR5 FERRULE 7.9 5 430
FR6 FR6 FERRULE 9.5 6 640
FR7 FR7 FERRULE 11.1 7 860
FR8 FR8 FERRULE 12.7 8 1140
FR10 FR10 FERRULE 15.9 10 1820
FR14 FR14 FERRULE 22.2 14 3180
FR18 FR18 FERRULE 25.4 18 4090
FR22 FR22 FERRULE 31.8 22 6360
FR26 FR26 FERRULE 38.1 26 9080


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